Rebel Ridge Outfitters
                                                         Southwest Kansas Prairie Dog & Bison Hunts
Range Complex:  2,000 Yard Rifle Range, Pistol Ranges.

Range Complex ...... 2,000 yard rifle range and 100 yard pistol range.  

Rifle range: 
Range I, a 2,000 yard range consists of steel plates in 100 yard increments from 100 to 600 yards.  There are also plates at 1,000, 1,500, 1,760 and 2,000 yards.  Each frame consists of a small plate (8X12 inches) and a large plate (24X30 inches).  The small plates are slightly larger than a typical prairie dog and offer great practice for the dog towns with scoped rifles.  The larger plates are typical of torso style plates and make great targets for iron sight or low powered optic work with AR-15, M1A, M1 Garand and other battle rifles.  We also have nine portable full size and 2/3 size AR500 ISPC torso plates that can be configured at any distance. 

The range consists of a concrete pad with sun shade, 12 foot shooting bench and a 12 ft. X 12ft deck for prone shooting.

Pistol range:
Range I has a corresponding pistol range one mile to the north.  This is a 100 yard pistol range with 12 speed plates at 25 yards and single plates at 50, 75 and 100 yards.  This range offers a shaded pad.

If you are like most guys east of the Great Plains its tough to find a range greater than 200 yards.  Practicing at these short distances does not require you to learn how to compensate for wind drift or bullet drop.  This is your chance to bring out the big guns, test your shooting skills and learn a lot about distance shooting.    

Pricing, Scheduling and Accomodations:

Range fees are $50 per day per shooter.

Our intent is to take the hasstle and annoyances of going to a public range out of the equation so you can enjoy your shooting time as much as possible.  To ensure you get the most out of your range time, we only shedule one group per day on the range
 of your choice.  If you book one of the rifle ranges you will also have access to the corresponding pistol range. 

We have two lodging options available for your stay. 

The Loft is a luxury 1800 sq ft second level flat in downtown Syracuse, Ks and is 15 miles from the range.  The Loft has a king room, queen room and a bunk room with four singles and sleeps 6.  The Loft has a spacious living room with pool table and big screen TV, as well as laundry and kitchen facilities.  The Loft also has a large pool hall and game room in the basement.  The rate is $50/night per individual.

The Apartment is a smaller facility that sleeps four with breakfast table and chairs, TV, coffee, microwave, etc.  The rate is $30/night per individual.

Pictures of both facilities can be seen on our "Accomodations" page.

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